Hey Wonderful People of Light!

If you know me at all, you will know that my deepest choice is for all of Humanity to be Home and Free. A journey that is currently underway. The most joyful part of understanding this journey is that whilst there is a way to go before we arrive at the first stage of Home and Freedom, it is a wonderful thing when you realise that whatever great things you have come in to so far, much more Freedom, Joy, Strength and Understanding of Self and Purpose, that is really only the tip of the iceberg that Freedom really is. What you are moving towards is far beyond your current conditions and consciousness – Even if your current conditions and consciousness are both mind blowingly wonderful!!

So Hold Beautiful People! Hold for your ultimate Freedom. Hold for your complete condition of Being Home! You are Strong and You Are Sacred! Join me in the Conscious Journey Home!

In Light, Daniella

2 Replies to “Freedom”

  1. The website is looking spectacular Daniella! I’m very excited to see that your work is developing and being made more and more available to many. May all beings benefit and return home. It’s a bit of a rough ride right at the moment, however, I feel and see very bright light assistance around any dark corners. We can do this! In love, Deb Ogden

    1. Thank you Deb! It is a rough ride, and there definitely are some tools that improve things but this journey also requires the realisation of a ‘new normal’, temporarily of course!! I know that you know this but I say it often so that some who may not realise, can hear! <3 Daniella

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