The Cycles of Returning Home

Pushing Onward

It is common for those who are able, to go through cycles with this work. Sometimes you will be hunting the distortion that stands between you and Home. You will Hunt and Clear, ride the rough, shear force of will can and does keep you going to rid your condition of the suffering and pain that does not belong in any way of life.

Develop your Form Clearing Skill

Levelling Out

Then there are other times when you have had enough, collapse in a heap, just can’t do it any more, question “How is this life?”, and let it all go. This especially happens when you plateau – you have cleared quite a bit and you move into a shifting state of consciousness that can feel as though so much is changing, so much is ‘on the move’ and you just need to sit still and rest.


The Force Takes Over

As you move through the journey Homeward, you are likely to become less able to rest. The distortion gets louder, more cluttered, more intense and You become less able to rest between charges. At this point you have been developing your skill to some degree. This helps you to keep working even when you’ve ‘had enough’. Keep going – you are pushing beyond the dense layer of distortion that the Human Race is held within. You will get there, just keep clearing and use your support system.

Small Group Form Clearing with Daniella

Honour Where You Are

Each of these conditions are necessary – in short or long stages. Each condition is worthy of it’s time – they each have value. Make sure you give them each their due as it feels ‘right’ for you.