Welcome to 2022!

This is an extraordinary time of transition. The changeover between 2021 and 2022 is showing itself to be turbulent, with distortion really rising up. This also is the best time to see the distortion clearly (see the Distorted Forms in your Form Realm) and clear them away for ever.

Stepping into the new year has always been a time of renewed hope and focus for what you choose. However, these days, given that we are in transition, things have become more complex, messier and chosen outcomes are more difficult than ever to fulfil. I want to make it clear, that it continues to be important that you maintain your Firm Holding for the conditions You Choose for Your Life. This does two things….

  1. It maintains your Choice firmly in your Form – this is the only way to truly have the life that you choose. And…
  2. It brings into clear view the distortion that holds differently to what you choose that exists in your form. Whether that distortion has developed as a consequence of distorted thinking of your own, trauma and the like, or otherwise distortion that has been deliberately generated by external, malevolent consciousness.

You are strong and as you develop your skill and understanding of what you need to do in these times, you are directing that strength into separating from the Distortion System and aligning into the Condition of Freedom. Keep going, you are doing well!

In Freedom, Daniella