Finding Your Soul Purpose

There are some issues that can make a person’s Soul Purpose seem unavailable or unattainable. One misconception is the idea that, if ‘it’ is your Soul Purpose, then you already have all of the skills needed to step in to a full blown profession. This comes from the awareness that it is likely that you have fulfilled the same Soul Work in other Life Times.

Your Soul will Guide You

The reality is that whilst we have a soul filled with experience, skill and even mastery in some of the different paths of Soul Purpose and Expression, we still have to start from the beginning learning what we need to, developing skill, awareness, building the form of what we are here to do. Your Soul History offers you this:

  1. Your previous Soul Experience and even Mastery, will usually make your journey in skill development flow more easily. You should find it more organic, more natural to develop your abilities in what you are learning and
  2. Your Soul Leanings, will direct you towards proclivities, in the guise of passion, curiosity, and an internal drive that keeps taking you in certain directions.

The Journey of Soul Purpose and Expression

It is important to understand this. If you are waiting for your Soul Purpose to ‘kick in’, you’ll be waiting a long time. If you have fascination in a subject, be it the chakra system, colours and painting, yoga, guitar, the Fae, whatever it may be, follow it – follow it wherever it leads you. Let yourself be buried in the fascination and passion of it all. Be willing to ‘not know’ where it’s going to lead you and just walk, run, race along with the joy of what you’re chasing. You will notice that after a while, your initial awareness is superseded by a deeper knowing that may take you into a different direction, or two different directions. It’s all great – so run with it. Be willing to shift and change and evolve.

Expanding into your Soul Purpose is FUN!

The greatest of this is that as you go deeper and deeper into the Infinite Being that you Are, you will discover that there are so many wonderful, magical and powerful, opportunities, paths and ways for you to Live Your Soul.  

The Best is Yet to Come!

In Light, Daniella