Emerging from 2022 Intact… sort of

Can it be any more obvious that we are on an accelerating journey Homeward, than how crazy the world is showing itself to be right now??? I think not.

I am please to note that increasing numbers of Humanity are stepping off more and more of the rapidly spinning Paths to Nowhere that the Distortion ‘system’ holds us in. Over time, as we work to clear more, we will in fact find more distortion – it is in fact a longer journey than many had hoped for. But do not fear nor worry – you are not alone in this and the journey is, whilst wild and confusing, also ever-increasingly wonderful and strengthening – you will be discovering new and extraordinary skills and strengths about yourself that transform your world over and over again.

If you don’t already know, there are deeper skills and knowledge that will support you increasingly on this ever-spiraling journey. I encourage you to continue your journey as a master into new paths of knowledge as this journey continues.

In my work, I hold individual Personal sessions for mentoring, training, healing and guidance; Group Form Clearing sessions; and Advanced Psychic Training Program with live sessions or recordings with support.

This is not such an easy journey to be on. Humanity has never walked this path before and there is support here to help you navigate your way Home.

In Light, Daniella Breen