In Light We Prosper

We hold our light in so many ways, that we Feel Light, that we express Light, that our Light flow is deep and rich and wide. It is through Holding our Light in the Richness of Life that we Prosper in Life. It is through Holding our Light as Still Form – images, strong frameworks of what we choose, as well as Holding our Light as Flow – both coming into our Form as well as coming from the center of our Form out into the World, Humanity and All that is Light – that we truly Prosper in All That Is Life. That glorious Richness in Freedom, Prosperity of Love, Life, Home, Creativity, Expression beyond anything words can pay justice to, is the blood and Core of all that we seek to experience. And all you need to do, is Hold These Flows throughout your Form. It is a joy, so don’t skimp on this practice of Life. Everywhere that you see the absence of the Richness of Life, begin generating that flow of Light in your Form right now. Replace the distorted form, with Great Light Flow and Stillform. It will bring You Home!

In Light We Prosper! Daniella Breen