Sun Codes of RA Training Coming

There is so much support happening in this time of Returning Home. Right now the Sun Codes of RA are available to those who choose to receive them. The Sun Codes were set up by RA a long time ago, when she had to go underground for a long time to protect and support humanity during the condition of Distortion.

The Sun Codes are set up for you to receive as simply and easily as possible – as you receive them into your Form, your Form is altered, activated, opened beyond where it is currently operating and begins it’s return to all that you are. These downloads occur in consecutive stages, based on your ability to hold presence and receive them, integrate and expand with the new conditions. You are so much more than you have been living as through this distorted condition. It is time for you to come Home and return to the condition of Freedom.

To commence with this training, make sure you are signed up to receive ‘Daniella’s Ezine‘ as the training commences through that portal of Light.

See you soon. Daniella Breen.

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