Me To You: Does Life Feel Rough and Unstable?

Hey Everyone!

Are you feeling it? Increasing numbers of people are talking to me about just how rough it is becoming. It’s as though they are living on an earthquake and everything around them becomes unstable. This is an example of when big noisy distortion is rising up from the depths and into your daily life. It’s rough, uncomfortable, even painful sometimes on a physical level and also, on a mental-emotional level. So the question is, do you have the skills to clear and work through these conditions? Because how they are designed vary greatly. The work that each one needs, can require a different skill set. This work can go far beyond Reiki and most energy healing work, therapeutic or counselling work, this work is advanced and requires serious skill.

Here’s what is happening. As we move deeper into the journey Home, we are stretching far beyond anything Humanity has dealt with before. In fact, much of what we are dealing with now, has been hidden from humanity for a long time as there was deep excavation occurring from Beyond and everything needed to be quiet and subdued. “Nothing to see here…” approach.

Now, we are on the move. Don’t misunderstand me, the conditions are well supported and we do know what we are doing. It’s just that those who are skilled at this and have their feet on the ground can be difficult to recognise from others who are skilled therapists and healers, still working in the old paradigms.

The solution is, take it one step at a time. If you are aware that you need greater help than seems to be working, go deeper with someone who your guides are directing you towards. Feel the ‘nudge’. If the nudge is here with me, you can :

This is the work I am doing.

This really is becoming quite a difficult time and the requirement for support is going to become more necessary. I hold that you come Home to Freedom. It’s where you belong.

Daniella Breen