Standing on the Outside

These days it can be unpopular to admit that you feel lonely, isolated, stuck outside of Life. However, I am here to tell you that this is an extremely common distortion. Understanding that this is a condition that exists within the Distorted Conditions of Humanity, is the first step to separating from the condition as a definition of You, and instead understanding that the Conditions of Humanity are considerably distorted. It’s not You, it’s Humanity in Distortion, and Humanity is on the journey Home to Freedom. It’s time for you to Come Home.

One of the progressions out of distortion is when you

1. Identify the issue;

2. understand that it is in fact distortion and you do not belong in that condition; and

3. Begin separating yourself from the Distorted Condition and the lies it twists your mind into.

Form Clearing Intensive

I hold a group, a small group of regulars who come together so that I can do deep form clearing Going down deep into a person’s form in the presence of a small group, generates a stability that allows me to get to and clear the hard, nasty stuff. There are vacancies for two people. If you are interested, click the image on the left.

Separating From The Distortion

Distortions do not come in one shape, size or definition. Not by a long shot! In this article, we are not focusing on the advanced techniques used to clear distortion in form. Developing your skill in that work requires deep training – Advanced Psychic Training is deep, regular training that will support you into that ability. Instead, In this post I am focusing on the Mindfulness approach to leaving distortion which continues to be very relevant in this work.

In this post we are referring to a distortion that has you trying to reach for your Life, be it a good job, a great career, soul purpose, friendships and community and so on, but unable to attain it for any length of time. However, there are many other types of distortion that exist in many different ways. So this is one example we are using to help develop your understanding and skill.

Once you arrive at the awareness that this issue is A: a distortion and B: Not the Truth of You, then you have made the first step to expanding beyond the distortion. In every way that you realise yourself as separate from the distortion (see outside of it), you are changing your dynamics and expanding at the very least, a little beyond. Each time this develops, your Spirit Guide Team are able to step into the space between you and the distortion and support you increasingly beyond it, helping you Home.

Critical Tools and Awareness Approaches to Change Your Condition

Primary at this level of work is Self Observation. It is how you become aware of the issue. However, for many, it stops there. What is important is for you to move beyond just ‘seeing the problem’ and to look further at what is going on. Extracting yourself from the Distortion requires you to first relate to the Distortion as outside of the Truth of You and therefore a condition you can expand Beyond.

A useful tool in Self Observation can be Journaling. Where you write about what you are experiencing from an objective perspective. One such observation that can be helpful in this work (and there are many), is the awareness that when we are stuck in distortion in some way, we can feel very misunderstood. We can feel unseen, unheard, and judged by others around us. This is a key aspect of distortion to recognise and understand that everyone is distorted in some way and isn’t seeing clearly. The more you can relate to the distorted condition as Not You but appearing to be you and affecting how you experience the world, the more you can release attachments of pain, anxiety and blame, that help keep you entangled in the Distortion. (Remember this can be a huge journey, you do not need to worry if you’re not feeling that way to begin with).

Beyond that step, is another one. Which is that we have a tendency to observe other people from their outside impressions and compare them to the darkest pain and struggle we are in. This means that we think others ‘have it all’ (especially when they do not appear to be struggling with the difficulties you have) and that in comparison, you are failing life and you can’t understand why. Please take this on – how people appear on the outside does not reflect their difficulties and pain. How You appear on the outside does not reflect all that you are going through (even when you think it does). Don’t compare your insides to other’s outside. The more you separate from that distortion, the stronger you become.

As you develop your awareness of the Truth of You vs Distortion and begin your Healing Journey Home, there is more becoming available. The journey is now and you are ready for this.

In Light, Daniella Breen.