About Daniella

I have been working in this work and this journey for a long time. Healing, Clearing, Teaching, Advancing and Aligning with Light has been my focus since the 1990s. It is my passion and my purpose to support you into your Freedom and Strength of Light.

I live in rural Tasmania, Australia in a lovely little cottage and spend my days creating and sharing at home and on line with the people of my community who are each dedicated to their own journey Home to Freedom. That and a cup of peppermint tea makes me pretty happy!

About What This Is

I work with Lightworkers, Empaths and Other People who are Returning Home and developing their Sacred Purpose. I work deeply in the Human Form as well as Training and Consciousness.

In this time of transformation and Returning Home, clearing Form of Distortion is a key to this journey. Equally as important is the training and community support of other Lightworkers. The joy of truly understanding, working in and with your Form and Mastering that amazing skill set is extraordinary – Life Transforming. Being able to share that and play in that every day is a wonderful way to live. So I do it – as much as I am able to. Primarily in my own Life and then with others through my individual sessions, my community on line, my Light Show on Blog Talk Radio, Youtube channel, my Advanced Psychic Training (APT) group, Form Clearing Groups, Priestesses of Light community and Call and more! I am here to do and share this work and that is what makes my life so joy-filled. You are welcome to join my Facebook community and learn more.

In Light, Daniella Breen