About Daniella

I have been working in this work and this journey for a long time. Healing, Clearing, Teaching, Advancing and Aligning with Light has been my focus since the 1990s. It is my passion and my purpose to support you into your Freedom and Strength of Light.

I live in rural Tasmania, Australia in a lovely little cottage and spend my days on line with the people of my community who are each dedicated to their own journey Home to Freedom. That and a cup of peppermint tea makes me pretty happy!

About What This Is

Everything I do is focused on Clearing Form of Distortion, Supporting Humanity Home and Strengthening the Light and Freedom of All. So please, if you are interested in learning more, gather with me on Facebook, subscribe, like, comment and share my videos on Youtube, listen in and participate in my live Broadcast: The Light Show and otherwise gather with me and join us in this community.

In Light, Daniella Breen