In this training and development work, we are well past the basics of the Clairs (you know, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognisance and so on). Now we are in the depths of working with your psychic presence in order to

reclaim your Form,

Know and work with your Form,

Clear your Form of Distortion,

Expand your skills and Presence.

There are options with this training.

  1. You can attend the live sessions or Receive the recordings and work in your own time.
  2. You can pay per session or set up an monthly subscription
  3. You can attend/receive every session or attend periodically.

It is all up to you. My recommendation is that you attend/receive the recordings regularly and work consistently. I also believe that if you are able to attend the live sessions it is preferred, however, the time does not suit some people and live group work is not always comfortable for some – so receiving the recordings, may be what you prefer.

APT sessions are held twice each month. PDT Sundays 6pm (dates listed below); Australian EST Mondays, 11am (dates listed below).

The sessions are $20AUD each ($15USD) Pay using the Paypal button below.

Please note there is also a subscription option APT Subscription

Pay Per Session

Subscription to APT Classes and Recordings – APT Subscription