Welcome to 2022!

This is an extraordinary time of transition. The changeover between 2021 and 2022 is showing itself to be turbulent, with distortion really rising up. This also is the best time to see the distortion clearly (see the Distorted Forms in your Form Realm) and clear them away for ever.

Stepping into the new year has always been a time of renewed hope and focus for what you choose. However, these days, given that we are in transition, things have become more complex, messier and chosen outcomes are more difficult than ever to fulfil. I want to make it clear, that it continues to be important that you maintain your Firm Holding for the conditions You Choose for Your Life. This does two things….

  1. It maintains your Choice firmly in your Form – this is the only way to truly have the life that you choose. And…
  2. It brings into clear view the distortion that holds differently to what you choose that exists in your form. Whether that distortion has developed as a consequence of distorted thinking of your own, trauma and the like, or otherwise distortion that has been deliberately generated by external, malevolent consciousness.

You are strong and as you develop your skill and understanding of what you need to do in these times, you are directing that strength into separating from the Distortion System and aligning into the Condition of Freedom. Keep going, you are doing well!

In Freedom, Daniella


Be still. Breathe. Be still

Open your Heart. Open your Form. And Breathe.

Breathe in the Light. Hold. Breathe out the Light. Hold.

Your alignment between Your Light and the Light of the World Deepens, Strengthens.

Become aware of Humanity – see their Light.

Breathe in the Light of Humanity, Hold. Breathe out the Light to Humanity, Hold.

Your alignment between Your Light and the Light of Humanity Deepens, Strengthens.

Be Still. Breathe. Be Still.


Living Only From Your Heart can be Mistake

Your Whole Form is specifically designed by God for you to live in this Universe and especially to live on Earth with humanity. It is a complex, beautiful, multi-layered system of Light, and at it’s very center is your Heart. Your physical heart, your Heart Chakra, your Greater Heart, the heart of Earth, the Heart of each being, the Great Heart of the Universe, they all align. There is purpose in that – and it is very important. Also, the rest of your Form is important and is often excluded or reduced in significance and that is a mistake.

Your Heart and Your Mind are the foundation of You. They each are designed specifically and uniquely, then across the times and spaces of your existence they have developed, strengthened, grown and become extraordinarily relevant specifically to You and Your own purpose and expressions in this Universe.

Your Heart and Mind work intricately with your Soul, your Chakras, your Form in all of its wonder, and in conjunction with the Universe and Beyond, and all that it has to offer.

Working with your Heart and your Mind as your Center – generates an extraordinary balance of presence – a Withness – that enables you to receive and operate with a plethora of information based on your attention and intention as it is Held Firmly.

If you are Holding from your Heart alone, that can feel lovely, beautiful in fact, however, you do not expand in any other way other than that experience. Which is lovely but not strengthening in anything but itself. When you are instead, Holding from your Heart and your Mind in Wholeness – you become stronger, deeper, more present in the entirety of You and what you can Become. This is the condition of Freedom.


Maldek Recovery Youtube

Maldek Recovery

A long time ago, a beautiful and advanced planetary civilisation was blown apart in a violent war waged by other systems attempting to take ownership of the planet. The consequences in Form Distortion and deep trauma have been felt throughout our Universe. The Distorted conditions and consciousness were consequently brought to Earth for healing and recovery. This process is necessary and has had dire, temporary consequences here. This video talks about what is happening now, how it may be impacting you and what you can do about it.

Latest Ezine Edition

We have just released our latest edition of Daniella’s Ezine – I hope you’re signed up for it, as we have a second Empath’s Training Article layed out nice and neatly for you. Step by step consciousness spelled out with deeper training to come. If you have yet to subscribe, it’s not difficult! Just go to the ‘Daniella’s Ezine’ link in the menu and the form is there waiting for you to add your name. Don’t be concerned, it’s safe! This continues to be run entirely by me and I do not use your details for any purpose other than exactly what you sign up for! There is a free 4 email course in Form generation training – i.e., generating your own Inner Sanctuary – which is currently set up as an email format but will eventually become a better presented video format. I hope to see you there in time for the next edition!! Daniella

Daniella’s You-tube Channel

Daniella has been producing videos on her Youtube channel since 2012. Her video topics are focused on Lightwork, Ascension, Healing, Recovery, Advanced skill and condition in the Ascended Consciousness and other relevant information. Head over to Daniella’s Youtube Channel and make sure you Subscribe and click the ‘bell’ icon to be kept up to date with all new videos. These videos are choc full of information and skill training that you will find helpful in your Homeward Journey and Home Condition.

October’s Light Show

The newest Light show is out now. In this edition we focused on using your Light in your Creative Work and most interestingly, diving into Creativity in Form with Your Light as your Flow. Don’t miss this expansive and deep training and alignment work – remember, it’s free! Don’t forget to share the episode link on your Social Media platform – support your followers with Free Training. Daniella



Hey Wonderful People of Light!

If you know me at all, you will know that my deepest choice is for all of Humanity to be Home and Free. A journey that is currently underway. The most joyful part of understanding this journey is that whilst there is a way to go before we arrive at the first stage of Home and Freedom, it is a wonderful thing when you realise that whatever great things you have come in to so far, much more Freedom, Joy, Strength and Understanding of Self and Purpose, that is really only the tip of the iceberg that Freedom really is. What you are moving towards is far beyond your current conditions and consciousness – Even if your current conditions and consciousness are both mind blowingly wonderful!!

So Hold Beautiful People! Hold for your ultimate Freedom. Hold for your complete condition of Being Home! You are Strong and You Are Sacred! Join me in the Conscious Journey Home!

In Light, Daniella