News: Advanced Psychic Training Upgrade


Advanced Psychic Training (APT) has been running for about three years now and I have been wanting to make some upgrades and alterations. Here’s where we stand at the moment. We have two sessions every month. Each session runs for about 1 hour during which we run practical development with you in expanding your abilities, skill and understanding that brings your psychic presence into practical living and advanced spiritual Home.

APT Training
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It has always been that we hold live calls which you can attend, after which you will be sent the recording of the session. Even if you don’t attend, as long as you have paid for the session, you will receive the recording. In addition, you are welcome to subscribe to APT and that way, whether you attend the call or not, you can receive the recordings automatically and work with them in your own time. In that case you are welcome to email/message me with questions regarding the training.

So the first upgrade that is now available comes in the form of a bullet list of notes that help outline the lesson. This means that you have the outline of the Training Session even as you listen in to the recording. Very helpful in holding presence in this Development work.

This is only one of several intended upgrades that I am in the process of developing. It can make a real increase in your ability to hold presence through the recording and integrate the development more deeply and thoroughly.

I truly enjoy sharing this Development with you APT is transformative and enjoyable. Hope to see you there!

In Light,

Daniella’s Ezine RA Development This Wednesday

The time has come! The commencement of the RA’s Sun Codes Development series of articles is this week and to be specific, this Wednesday (USA time) and Thursday (Australian times). We start off gently, subtly, (as gently as these things go) and then will expand into increasing levels of understanding, deeper levels of presence and returning to the Homeward journey as you were once promised. It’s Time and you are ready for this. The Journey Home to Freedom. Come and join us on this new depth of support Home. If you have yet to subscribe to Daniella’s Ezine, do it now as the Ezine is the hub of this Development.

In Light, Daniella

Sun Codes of RA Training Coming

There is so much support happening in this time of Returning Home. Right now the Sun Codes of RA are available to those who choose to receive them. The Sun Codes were set up by RA a long time ago, when she had to go underground for a long time to protect and support humanity during the condition of Distortion.

The Sun Codes are set up for you to receive as simply and easily as possible – as you receive them into your Form, your Form is altered, activated, opened beyond where it is currently operating and begins it’s return to all that you are. These downloads occur in consecutive stages, based on your ability to hold presence and receive them, integrate and expand with the new conditions. You are so much more than you have been living as through this distorted condition. It is time for you to come Home and return to the condition of Freedom.

To commence with this training, make sure you are signed up to receive ‘Daniella’s Ezine‘ as the training commences through that portal of Light.

See you soon. Daniella Breen.

In Light We Prosper

We hold our light in so many ways, that we Feel Light, that we express Light, that our Light flow is deep and rich and wide. It is through Holding our Light in the Richness of Life that we Prosper in Life. It is through Holding our Light as Still Form – images, strong frameworks of what we choose, as well as Holding our Light as Flow – both coming into our Form as well as coming from the center of our Form out into the World, Humanity and All that is Light – that we truly Prosper in All That Is Life. That glorious Richness in Freedom, Prosperity of Love, Life, Home, Creativity, Expression beyond anything words can pay justice to, is the blood and Core of all that we seek to experience. And all you need to do, is Hold These Flows throughout your Form. It is a joy, so don’t skimp on this practice of Life. Everywhere that you see the absence of the Richness of Life, begin generating that flow of Light in your Form right now. Replace the distorted form, with Great Light Flow and Stillform. It will bring You Home!

In Light We Prosper! Daniella Breen

Emerging from 2022 Intact… sort of

Can it be any more obvious that we are on an accelerating journey Homeward, than how crazy the world is showing itself to be right now??? I think not.

I am please to note that increasing numbers of Humanity are stepping off more and more of the rapidly spinning Paths to Nowhere that the Distortion ‘system’ holds us in. Over time, as we work to clear more, we will in fact find more distortion – it is in fact a longer journey than many had hoped for. But do not fear nor worry – you are not alone in this and the journey is, whilst wild and confusing, also ever-increasingly wonderful and strengthening – you will be discovering new and extraordinary skills and strengths about yourself that transform your world over and over again.

If you don’t already know, there are deeper skills and knowledge that will support you increasingly on this ever-spiraling journey. I encourage you to continue your journey as a master into new paths of knowledge as this journey continues.

In my work, I hold individual Personal sessions for mentoring, training, healing and guidance; Group Form Clearing sessions; and Advanced Psychic Training Program with live sessions or recordings with support.

This is not such an easy journey to be on. Humanity has never walked this path before and there is support here to help you navigate your way Home.

In Light, Daniella Breen

Welcome to 2022!

This is an extraordinary time of transition. The changeover between 2021 and 2022 is showing itself to be turbulent, with distortion really rising up. This also is the best time to see the distortion clearly (see the Distorted Forms in your Form Realm) and clear them away for ever.

Stepping into the new year has always been a time of renewed hope and focus for what you choose. However, these days, given that we are in transition, things have become more complex, messier and chosen outcomes are more difficult than ever to fulfil. I want to make it clear, that it continues to be important that you maintain your Firm Holding for the conditions You Choose for Your Life. This does two things….

  1. It maintains your Choice firmly in your Form – this is the only way to truly have the life that you choose. And…
  2. It brings into clear view the distortion that holds differently to what you choose that exists in your form. Whether that distortion has developed as a consequence of distorted thinking of your own, trauma and the like, or otherwise distortion that has been deliberately generated by external, malevolent consciousness.

You are strong and as you develop your skill and understanding of what you need to do in these times, you are directing that strength into separating from the Distortion System and aligning into the Condition of Freedom. Keep going, you are doing well!

In Freedom, Daniella

Maldek Recovery Youtube

Maldek Recovery

A long time ago, a beautiful and advanced planetary civilisation was blown apart in a violent war waged by other systems attempting to take ownership of the planet. The consequences in Form Distortion and deep trauma have been felt throughout our Universe. The Distorted conditions and consciousness were consequently brought to Earth for healing and recovery. This process is necessary and has had dire, temporary consequences here. This video talks about what is happening now, how it may be impacting you and what you can do about it.

Latest Ezine Edition

We have just released our latest edition of Daniella’s Ezine – I hope you’re signed up for it, as we have a second Empath’s Training Article layed out nice and neatly for you. Step by step consciousness spelled out with deeper training to come. If you have yet to subscribe, it’s not difficult! Just go to the ‘Daniella’s Ezine’ link in the menu and the form is there waiting for you to add your name. Don’t be concerned, it’s safe! This continues to be run entirely by me and I do not use your details for any purpose other than exactly what you sign up for! There is a free 4 email course in Form generation training – i.e., generating your own Inner Sanctuary – which is currently set up as an email format but will eventually become a better presented video format. I hope to see you there in time for the next edition!! Daniella

Daniella’s You-tube Channel

Daniella has been producing videos on her Youtube channel since 2012. Her video topics are focused on Lightwork, Ascension, Healing, Recovery, Advanced skill and condition in the Ascended Consciousness and other relevant information. Head over to Daniella’s Youtube Channel and make sure you Subscribe and click the ‘bell’ icon to be kept up to date with all new videos. These videos are choc full of information and skill training that you will find helpful in your Homeward Journey and Home Condition.

October’s Light Show

The newest Light show is out now. In this edition we focused on using your Light in your Creative Work and most interestingly, diving into Creativity in Form with Your Light as your Flow. Don’t miss this expansive and deep training and alignment work – remember, it’s free! Don’t forget to share the episode link on your Social Media platform – support your followers with Free Training. Daniella