RA and Her Relevance to You

RA, the sun god, is God walking upon the Earth. She, They are here now and have always been. She is the Cosmic Sun. When you are heart opened and aligned, you experience your Heart as a sun, streaming bright and strong. As you align with RA, you are aligning with all of the Sun, because RA and Sun are the same. The Sun is not just our Earth sun, it is the Cosmic Sun and as you align Home, you align RA and you become Cosmic. Cosmic is who you are, it is what you are returning to living as. Cosmic is Free and Extraordinary.

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In Light We Prosper

We hold our light in so many ways, that we Feel Light, that we express Light, that our Light flow is deep and rich and wide. It is through Holding our Light in the Richness of Life that we Prosper in Life. It is through Holding our Light as Still Form – images, strong frameworks of what we choose, as well as Holding our Light as Flow – both coming into our Form as well as coming from the center of our Form out into the World, Humanity and All that is Light – that we truly Prosper in All That Is Life. That glorious Richness in Freedom, Prosperity of Love, Life, Home, Creativity, Expression beyond anything words can pay justice to, is the blood and Core of all that we seek to experience. And all you need to do, is Hold These Flows throughout your Form. It is a joy, so don’t skimp on this practice of Life. Everywhere that you see the absence of the Richness of Life, begin generating that flow of Light in your Form right now. Replace the distorted form, with Great Light Flow and Stillform. It will bring You Home!

In Light We Prosper! Daniella Breen

Living as Fire

As you are moving through your life, following your passions, and training for what you love, you are taught rules, guidelines, ‘ways’, and as you get going, those boundaries can be helpful. As you move beyond the training and development stage, you move beyond the rigidity of rules and into flow. You still have Form, but not necessarily what has become the Form of many, instead, you develop your own Form. In Light, that Form is Home.

In recent times, I’ve been observing distortion in this Form. Those whose need for Rules, drive them to criticise the creative flow of others. Those whose creative flow is distorted and crosses lines so they become an abuser of others. There is no fault here, this is distortion, recognising it in yourself and others is a powerful condition of moving out of distortion.

The choice however, is to keep Dancing in the Fire – that is, dancing your way and not allowing others, attempting to hold authority over you, pushing into your space, to make you shrink back in any way – even if only in your Form. If they are pushing into you, you push back and reclaim your space in your own form. Living as Fire means Living Freely. You may need to repeatedly Hold Your Form beyond where others try to push you down, however, as long as you are Holding Your Form as Your Flame and are Freely dancing, those who try to over rule you in your own space, will leave or learn.

In Light You Will Prevail, In Fire You Will Dance!

Daniella Breen.

Ten Lightworker Ways to Shift From Stressed to Calm

There many articles out there providing ideas for destressing. The difference with this article is that it focuses more deeply on the advanced Lightworker knowledge. So here are ten Lightworker Ways to shift from Stressed to Calm.

One: Break the rhythm.

Stop what you are doing, breathe, notice as you step out of the intense flow that you were in, that the stress rhythm is now outside of you. Give as much Form to the rhythm as you can (try to see, feel, get the shape of the Form and then Clear that Form of that stress rhythm until it is gone.

Two: Altar and Nature Time

Spend time at your altar or somewhere that you like to meditate. By simply sitting in that place, it can help you shift back into your Home Condition. This includes going into nature and holding presence in nature for some time. Breathing, being aware of your Form and allowing your Form to absorb and Be with nature is ideal.

Three: Clear your Form of Distortion

Pay attention to where in your Form including your physical form, you are feeling those uncomfortable sensations. See those sensations as Form (put a shape, colour, sound to them). Now Clear that form.

Four: Shake it Off

Get up and move; dance to some great music; do some yoga; exercise; get into your body by moving.

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Five: Dial a Friend

Chatting with a friend, or even heading out and grabbing a coffee or have a meal together can really change gears and shut down the Distortion noise that your Form is running on.

Six: Creativity

Music, drawing, toning, dance, clay work, and more, when you immerse yourself in creativity, then it can really create a shift out of distortion and into the condition of Home.

Seven: Love Making

Yes, if you are with someone you love and who loves you, sex can entirely shift you out of distortion and into the Home presence of Now.

Eight: Spinning Form

If you are able, turn your attention to your Form (another method). Notice if you can feel any fractious or crazy spinning motions in or around you. Especially check you solar plexus chakra or other chakras. The attention on it can make it feel more intense, but stay with it. Now, using your focus, Hold that it calms right down. Stay with it, and you will feel it calm down and change to a peaceful stillness. Stay with that Hold until the discomfort has gone.

Nine: Bath or Shower

I am sure you know which you prefer, and how to set it up. Candles, bath salts and bubbles, easy music or even a recording of a rainstorm playing, the body gels and foams you love the scent of, etc. The point is that water is a wonderful breaker and shifter of condition. immersing yourself in water to shift your condition – well, it just works!

Ten: Group Time

– do you have a favourite Light group? A gathering of Like Minded Souls who meditate or perform sacred ritual or healing or other Presence Work together? Now is a great time to connect in – it can shift you right out of it. If you have recordings of Group sessions, it can really achieve the same result.

Even though this is a common topic for articles, these particular Practices of Shifting from Stress are much more Lightworker Oriented. In reading these means of Healing, you may also find that you expand into even more Calming and Supportive methods beyond what I have shared. I hope so!

If you have found this article useful, please comment below to let us know what you enjoyed. Also, if you have other helpful suggestions to add – please share them in the comments. After all, these are some Wild Times we are in – the more consciousness in Self Care, the Better!

In Light, Daniella Breen.

Living Only From Your Heart can be Mistake

Your Whole Form is specifically designed by God for you to live in this Universe and especially to live on Earth with humanity. It is a complex, beautiful, multi-layered system of Light, and at it’s very center is your Heart. Your physical heart, your Heart Chakra, your Greater Heart, the heart of Earth, the Heart of each being, the Great Heart of the Universe, they all align. There is purpose in that – and it is very important. Also, the rest of your Form is important and is often excluded or reduced in significance and that is a mistake.

Your Heart and Your Mind are the foundation of You. They each are designed specifically and uniquely, then across the times and spaces of your existence they have developed, strengthened, grown and become extraordinarily relevant specifically to You and Your own purpose and expressions in this Universe.

Your Heart and Mind work intricately with your Soul, your Chakras, your Form in all of its wonder, and in conjunction with the Universe and Beyond, and all that it has to offer.

Working with your Heart and your Mind as your Center – generates an extraordinary balance of presence – a Withness – that enables you to receive and operate with a plethora of information based on your attention and intention as it is Held Firmly.

If you are Holding from your Heart alone, that can feel lovely, beautiful in fact, however, you do not expand in any other way other than that experience. Which is lovely but not strengthening in anything but itself. When you are instead, Holding from your Heart and your Mind in Wholeness – you become stronger, deeper, more present in the entirety of You and what you can Become. This is the condition of Freedom.