It’s Early Autumn

Whilst so many of you are moving into Spring, with new life, new light and joy-filled landscapes of flowers and baby green leaves, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are moving into the beautiful season of Autumn.

In Autumn, everything slows down. It is a time of rumination, planning and observation. As the leaves begin turning, my heart responds, my breathing slows down and walks lockstep with the season. The autumn leaves, the golds, browns, reds and yellows have an amazing effect on me. I can literally feel my world slowing down. Every season has it’s own creative energy or ‘feel’ to it and with Autumn, the feeling for me is deep, slow moving, heartwarming and cosy.

So for now, I am enjoying this slow walk into Autumn and I am looking forward to learning what it is going to bring.

In soft Autumn light, Daniella Breen.