Welcome to Uplift Monday

How do you relate to Mondays? Is it a ‘going back to work, leaving the weekend’ kind of low? Or is it a happy and enjoyable start to the week in a life that you love? Do you have a freeing kind of weekend (or whichever days you have to yourself)? If so, wouldn’t it be great to carry that feeling with you all of the time? One simple way that you can sustain your Weekend Uplift through your week is to literally carry it (remember the feeling and Hold it) in every moment of your day. This may sound unrealistically simple, but I promise, with practice, it gets easier and it works really well. If you hold that lovely lift, that joy in moments throughout your day, you will find that it increasingly ‘tones’ your day to feel brighter, lighter and freer. It’s a lovely way to live.

In Light,

Me To You: Freedom

The idea of Freedom. It can mean so many different things to different people. Think about what Freedom means to you.

  • Nobody suffering;
  • financial wealth or money without worry;
  • work that you love doing and is fulfilling, is Soul Purpose centered;
  • creativity;
  • family and friends around;
  • a soul mate, twin flame, wonderful partner?

But what if actual freedom is beyond this?

Freedom can mean presence and expansion far beyond the small range around you. It can mean Soul Purpose that exists far beyond your awareness of what life can be. A single example may be where you as an artist holds for the Freedom to share beautiful art, untethered from judgement, financial difficulty and need for a job, However, what if you as an artist could generate the Aurora Borealis style flows, frequencies and tones through the Universe, the Cosmos, Humanity with a Light experience that individuals can receive through their Heart, their Form and be altered in wonderful ways? We Are So Much More Than we can imagine right now.

So much fun to dive in to the potential of our Cosmic Presence. Daniella

Winter Creativity

For me there is something about Winter Creativity that I love. Cosiness, cups of tea and coffee, soft music playing in the background, candles and lamps glowing, essential oils scents filling the air, quiet, peace, for me it is like gentle smiles all around me. And the abject approval to sit at Home and write, create, design. Lovely.

Of course creativity is joyful in each season, Spring brings Light and Life, Summer brings productive buzz, and Autumn, that slowing down, the ‘Old Ways’ rising, I feel it all.

So how do the seasons impact your creativity? For me, they are something that I seek alignment with, is that how it is for you? Or do you even notice their influence? Each season is a doorway into different states of consciousness, different conditions. It is such a wonderful thing to expand your presence with each season. Live in it creatively, Listen and Be with your self in a particular season – your emotions, your ways of living, your choices for this season. Go deeper, Go deeper.

In Light, Daniella

Into Winter We Go!

Okay, yes, I know, so many of you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is getting warmer, but for those of us ‘down under’, it is getting chilly. My joy in this time of year is that I find it wonderful for creativity. I warm the place up, I make cups of tea and coffee throughout the day, I sit on the floor or lean over the coffee table and I write, draw, design and work my happy self away generating expressions of myself, training and consciousness sharing and I bring it all to you. So this Winter, feels like a big creative time.

Of course, no matter what time of the year, no matter the season, please, set up your creative places and go to it! It is right now that you can bring forward the Beauty and Truth of Light to us all.

In Light, Daniella

It’s Early Autumn

Whilst so many of you are moving into Spring, with new life, new light and joy-filled landscapes of flowers and baby green leaves, here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are moving into the beautiful season of Autumn.

In Autumn, everything slows down. It is a time of rumination, planning and observation. As the leaves begin turning, my heart responds, my breathing slows down and walks lockstep with the season. The autumn leaves, the golds, browns, reds and yellows have an amazing effect on me. I can literally feel my world slowing down. Every season has it’s own creative energy or ‘feel’ to it and with Autumn, the feeling for me is deep, slow moving, heartwarming and cosy.

So for now, I am enjoying this slow walk into Autumn and I am looking forward to learning what it is going to bring.

In soft Autumn light, Daniella Breen.