This journey Home and the developing presence and condition of Living Home is massive. It can be difficult, really difficult at times and requires strength, support and connection, belonging. Joining a community, or communities with others who are knowingly on the same journey, working with helpful tools and consciousness is definitely a big help. If you find my work helpful and interesting, you are welcome to gather with us in my Facebook communities – of course they are free to join and very much Light Centered.

Solitary or Isolated Light Holders:

Even when you are someone who prefers or finds they benefit from isolation, you are welcome to join our communities and keep up with the discussions, even ‘like’ or ask questions from behind the curtains. We certainly understand that some are dealing with conditions that mean they are very sensitive and therefore uncomfortable amongst others. You are welcome to gather with us at a level that is comfortable for you.

Facebook Consciousness Call Community

On this community page, I share videos, posts. I welcome discussions and questions about Coming Home, the journey, the clearing work and the alignment and recovery work. You are welcome, you belong. Click on the link above.

Facebook Priestesses of Light Group

This private group is a community of Women who Hold the Light. To join this community you will need to have someone invite you to join. You are welcome to ‘friend’ me on Facebook and let me know that you want to join the Priestess Group – I will immediately invite you in.

Youtube Channel

At least once a month I share a video focused on training, consciousness and support for these times. It’s free, please ‘like’, Subscribe, comment and share the videos you appreciate!

The Light Show

This monthly Broadcast is now released on my You Tube channel. Every month I hold a show focused on Holding and Working with Your Light as well as aligning with external Light in the strength of Your Light. Each Broadcast includes a Light Alignment and a specific development focus. To listen in to the Playbacks or attend the latest Broadcast click on the link above. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and click on the bell to receive notices of all new videos.