Clearing your Form of Heavy, sticky Distortion is a key aspect of Returning Home. The work takes skill and some of the Clearing Work is advanced and requires some serious skill. This is where I come in. I work deep in the Form in advanced ways to clear away what is sometimes complex distortion and bring aspects of you Home to Freedom. In this program I hold small groups of people, up to 5 in a group. In each session I go through each of the attending people and tune in and clear 1 sticky distortion.

If you are considering joining a group it is best if you are able attend each session – there is only 1 session per month at $40AUD per session. Each Group is held in beautiful Sacred Space and we call for every participant to honour that Space with Stillness, Calm and Light. This is deep work and invites your conscious presence and respect.

In return, you will be experiencing some of the deepest Light Work that is being practiced on individuals at this point in history. This work is supporting you Home and into a Freedom that Humanity has long forgotten.

If you are interested in joining a group, then please contact me prior to booking.

Dates and Times for April/May

Pacific Daylight Savings Time

Sunday, 10th April, 5pm

Sunday, 8th May, 5pm

Australian Standard Time

Monday, 11th April, 10am

Monday, 8th May, 10am

Payment: $40AUD per session

(approx $30USD; 22GBP)