News: Advanced Psychic Training Upgrade


Advanced Psychic Training (APT) has been running for about three years now and I have been wanting to make some upgrades and alterations. Here’s where we stand at the moment. We have two sessions every month. Each session runs for about 1 hour during which we run practical development with you in expanding your abilities, skill and understanding that brings your psychic presence into practical living and advanced spiritual Home.

APT Training
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It has always been that we hold live calls which you can attend, after which you will be sent the recording of the session. Even if you don’t attend, as long as you have paid for the session, you will receive the recording. In addition, you are welcome to subscribe to APT and that way, whether you attend the call or not, you can receive the recordings automatically and work with them in your own time. In that case you are welcome to email/message me with questions regarding the training.

So the first upgrade that is now available comes in the form of a bullet list of notes that help outline the lesson. This means that you have the outline of the Training Session even as you listen in to the recording. Very helpful in holding presence in this Development work.

This is only one of several intended upgrades that I am in the process of developing. It can make a real increase in your ability to hold presence through the recording and integrate the development more deeply and thoroughly.

I truly enjoy sharing this Development with you APT is transformative and enjoyable. Hope to see you there!

In Light,