Earth’s New Stage is Wonderfully Transformative

Following the prior video that I shared Watch Here, where I outlined the new phase of the Earth/Human journey Home, I received feedback from those feeling disappointed about a new stage where seemingly nothing much was changing for them – of course, that is not the case, however, I do understand why it would seem that way.

I have now made the next video, where I talk about how the Maldek Docking stage impacts us all and why it is not just important but genuinely helping our condition on this journey Home. This impacts you. Things are getting better. Learn how. In Light, Daniella

Do You Self Isolate When Overwhelmed

If the answer is ‘yes’, you are definitely not alone. When you are Overwhelmed, you are essentially receiving so much Form or Consciousness Flow in your ‘Instream’, that it temporarily blows out your Chakras. This is not a big deal, but it can be uncomfortable. It can even become stuck in your Chakra system or other Form Systems (meridian, physical, auric for example) that it requires attention and work to clear it all out. So you will be in a condition of either Slow Moving and Uncomfortable or Stuck and Developing A Congested Traffic Jam. Either way, you’re dealing with something that requires attention and management.

Isolating, taking the time and space required to Hold your presence with the overwhelm makes perfect sense. Whether you are working in Concepts (information you’ve received), Form (energy) or both, it is important to take the time to separate the information into pieces, and digest or clear as you require.

Taking time to yourself, gives you time to breathe. It puts the brakes on other/more information pouring in. It stops everything and gives you time to be still – so that you can get your bearings and listen, look and feel what is actually going on for you.

It is here that you can apply your methods and tools for managing Overwhelm conditions. Do you need to do some Form clearing and processing? Feeling where those heavy lumps inside are and releasing them, helping them to move out of your Form – is such a relief.

Have you been slammed? Have you been emotionally or mentally or otherwise ‘hit’ with some painful information? This is the time to write it down, sort it through and decide what to take on, what to let go of and even what to return to the ‘giver’. Sometimes when you are given some unwelcome or overwhelming information, you are also told how to handle it. This is where (if you haven’t already done so), you can figure out what is useful and what is unhelpful information and advice. In being alone, you get to shut down the external voices and listen to your own Inner Mind.

Whatever the case, Self Isolation is an extremely useful tool to use when overwhelmed. Make sure that you have some definitions around Overwhelm and Self Isolation for yourself. This way you become clearer in what you need to do to look after yourself and manage conditions you are dealing with. Self Isolation is a very practical Self Management Tool and it shows your strength that you use it.

In Light, Daniella

Healing the Past

If you are still suffering from what has been, please know that you not weak. No. When something distressing occurs, it can imprint in your Form. For as long as it remains in your Form, it will continue to cause you suffering. Learning how to clear your Form of distortion, including that generated through painful experiences, is significant. I tell you that clearing your Form of Distortion truly is as simple as Finding the impression in your Form and holding firmly that it goes Now. Maintain that Hold, until it is cleared. Then You Will Be Free.

In Light, Daniella

Finding Your Soul Purpose

There are some issues that can make a person’s Soul Purpose seem unavailable or unattainable. One misconception is the idea that, if ‘it’ is your Soul Purpose, then you already have all of the skills needed to step in to a full blown profession. This comes from the awareness that it is likely that you have fulfilled the same Soul Work in other Life Times.

Your Soul will Guide You

The reality is that whilst we have a soul filled with experience, skill and even mastery in some of the different paths of Soul Purpose and Expression, we still have to start from the beginning learning what we need to, developing skill, awareness, building the form of what we are here to do. Your Soul History offers you this:

  1. Your previous Soul Experience and even Mastery, will usually make your journey in skill development flow more easily. You should find it more organic, more natural to develop your abilities in what you are learning and
  2. Your Soul Leanings, will direct you towards proclivities, in the guise of passion, curiosity, and an internal drive that keeps taking you in certain directions.

The Journey of Soul Purpose and Expression

It is important to understand this. If you are waiting for your Soul Purpose to ‘kick in’, you’ll be waiting a long time. If you have fascination in a subject, be it the chakra system, colours and painting, yoga, guitar, the Fae, whatever it may be, follow it – follow it wherever it leads you. Let yourself be buried in the fascination and passion of it all. Be willing to ‘not know’ where it’s going to lead you and just walk, run, race along with the joy of what you’re chasing. You will notice that after a while, your initial awareness is superseded by a deeper knowing that may take you into a different direction, or two different directions. It’s all great – so run with it. Be willing to shift and change and evolve.

Expanding into your Soul Purpose is FUN!

The greatest of this is that as you go deeper and deeper into the Infinite Being that you Are, you will discover that there are so many wonderful, magical and powerful, opportunities, paths and ways for you to Live Your Soul.  

The Best is Yet to Come!

In Light, Daniella

The Cycles of Returning Home

Pushing Onward

It is common for those who are able, to go through cycles with this work. Sometimes you will be hunting the distortion that stands between you and Home. You will Hunt and Clear, ride the rough, shear force of will can and does keep you going to rid your condition of the suffering and pain that does not belong in any way of life.

Develop your Form Clearing Skill

Levelling Out

Then there are other times when you have had enough, collapse in a heap, just can’t do it any more, question “How is this life?”, and let it all go. This especially happens when you plateau – you have cleared quite a bit and you move into a shifting state of consciousness that can feel as though so much is changing, so much is ‘on the move’ and you just need to sit still and rest.


The Force Takes Over

As you move through the journey Homeward, you are likely to become less able to rest. The distortion gets louder, more cluttered, more intense and You become less able to rest between charges. At this point you have been developing your skill to some degree. This helps you to keep working even when you’ve ‘had enough’. Keep going – you are pushing beyond the dense layer of distortion that the Human Race is held within. You will get there, just keep clearing and use your support system.

Small Group Form Clearing with Daniella

Honour Where You Are

Each of these conditions are necessary – in short or long stages. Each condition is worthy of it’s time – they each have value. Make sure you give them each their due as it feels ‘right’ for you.



Be still. Breathe. Be still

Open your Heart. Open your Form. And Breathe.

Breathe in the Light. Hold. Breathe out the Light. Hold.

Your alignment between Your Light and the Light of the World Deepens, Strengthens.

Become aware of Humanity – see their Light.

Breathe in the Light of Humanity, Hold. Breathe out the Light to Humanity, Hold.

Your alignment between Your Light and the Light of Humanity Deepens, Strengthens.

Be Still. Breathe. Be Still.


Maldek Recovery Youtube

Maldek Recovery

A long time ago, a beautiful and advanced planetary civilisation was blown apart in a violent war waged by other systems attempting to take ownership of the planet. The consequences in Form Distortion and deep trauma have been felt throughout our Universe. The Distorted conditions and consciousness were consequently brought to Earth for healing and recovery. This process is necessary and has had dire, temporary consequences here. This video talks about what is happening now, how it may be impacting you and what you can do about it.