Welcome to Uplift Monday

How do you relate to Mondays? Is it a ‘going back to work, leaving the weekend’ kind of low? Or is it a happy and enjoyable start to the week in a life that you love? Do you have a freeing kind of weekend (or whichever days you have to yourself)? If so, wouldn’t it be great to carry that feeling with you all of the time? One simple way that you can sustain your Weekend Uplift through your week is to literally carry it (remember the feeling and Hold it) in every moment of your day. This may sound unrealistically simple, but I promise, with practice, it gets easier and it works really well. If you hold that lovely lift, that joy in moments throughout your day, you will find that it increasingly ‘tones’ your day to feel brighter, lighter and freer. It’s a lovely way to live.

In Light,