Standing on the Outside

These days it can be unpopular to admit that you feel lonely, isolated, stuck outside of Life. However, I am here to tell you that this is an extremely common distortion. Understanding that this is a condition that exists within the Distorted Conditions of Humanity, is the first step to separating from the condition as a definition of You, and instead understanding that the Conditions of Humanity are considerably distorted. It’s not You, it’s Humanity in Distortion, and Humanity is on the journey Home to Freedom. It’s time for you to Come Home.

One of the progressions out of distortion is when you

1. Identify the issue;

2. understand that it is in fact distortion and you do not belong in that condition; and

3. Begin separating yourself from the Distorted Condition and the lies it twists your mind into.

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Separating From The Distortion

Distortions do not come in one shape, size or definition. Not by a long shot! In this article, we are not focusing on the advanced techniques used to clear distortion in form. Developing your skill in that work requires deep training – Advanced Psychic Training is deep, regular training that will support you into that ability. Instead, In this post I am focusing on the Mindfulness approach to leaving distortion which continues to be very relevant in this work.

In this post we are referring to a distortion that has you trying to reach for your Life, be it a good job, a great career, soul purpose, friendships and community and so on, but unable to attain it for any length of time. However, there are many other types of distortion that exist in many different ways. So this is one example we are using to help develop your understanding and skill.

Once you arrive at the awareness that this issue is A: a distortion and B: Not the Truth of You, then you have made the first step to expanding beyond the distortion. In every way that you realise yourself as separate from the distortion (see outside of it), you are changing your dynamics and expanding at the very least, a little beyond. Each time this develops, your Spirit Guide Team are able to step into the space between you and the distortion and support you increasingly beyond it, helping you Home.

Critical Tools and Awareness Approaches to Change Your Condition

Primary at this level of work is Self Observation. It is how you become aware of the issue. However, for many, it stops there. What is important is for you to move beyond just ‘seeing the problem’ and to look further at what is going on. Extracting yourself from the Distortion requires you to first relate to the Distortion as outside of the Truth of You and therefore a condition you can expand Beyond.

A useful tool in Self Observation can be Journaling. Where you write about what you are experiencing from an objective perspective. One such observation that can be helpful in this work (and there are many), is the awareness that when we are stuck in distortion in some way, we can feel very misunderstood. We can feel unseen, unheard, and judged by others around us. This is a key aspect of distortion to recognise and understand that everyone is distorted in some way and isn’t seeing clearly. The more you can relate to the distorted condition as Not You but appearing to be you and affecting how you experience the world, the more you can release attachments of pain, anxiety and blame, that help keep you entangled in the Distortion. (Remember this can be a huge journey, you do not need to worry if you’re not feeling that way to begin with).

Beyond that step, is another one. Which is that we have a tendency to observe other people from their outside impressions and compare them to the darkest pain and struggle we are in. This means that we think others ‘have it all’ (especially when they do not appear to be struggling with the difficulties you have) and that in comparison, you are failing life and you can’t understand why. Please take this on – how people appear on the outside does not reflect their difficulties and pain. How You appear on the outside does not reflect all that you are going through (even when you think it does). Don’t compare your insides to other’s outside. The more you separate from that distortion, the stronger you become.

As you develop your awareness of the Truth of You vs Distortion and begin your Healing Journey Home, there is more becoming available. The journey is now and you are ready for this.

In Light, Daniella Breen.

Me To You: Freedom

The idea of Freedom. It can mean so many different things to different people. Think about what Freedom means to you.

  • Nobody suffering;
  • financial wealth or money without worry;
  • work that you love doing and is fulfilling, is Soul Purpose centered;
  • creativity;
  • family and friends around;
  • a soul mate, twin flame, wonderful partner?

But what if actual freedom is beyond this?

Freedom can mean presence and expansion far beyond the small range around you. It can mean Soul Purpose that exists far beyond your awareness of what life can be. A single example may be where you as an artist holds for the Freedom to share beautiful art, untethered from judgement, financial difficulty and need for a job, However, what if you as an artist could generate the Aurora Borealis style flows, frequencies and tones through the Universe, the Cosmos, Humanity with a Light experience that individuals can receive through their Heart, their Form and be altered in wonderful ways? We Are So Much More Than we can imagine right now.

So much fun to dive in to the potential of our Cosmic Presence. Daniella

Living Stillness

Deep in the center of your presence on Earth, you reside as an eternal being. You, the eternal being has a strong, slow rhythm that holds you in alignment with all that you are. When you align and hold with this condition, you are coming into the presence of the Cosmic Self.

Developing Stillness as your way is central to aligning with all that you are. There can be much noise throughout your form, and it is by developing the stronghold of Stillness that you can transform your Form from noisy, loud and unstable, to Calm, Strong and Firm, in other words, Still.

Stillness is a condition that remains the same whether you are active, awake and resting, or asleep. When you generate the condition of Stillness throughout your Form, the more you hold that stillness, the stronger and more thoroughly throughout your Condition it becomes.

There are a few ways of developing your condition of Stillness. One is meditation, which when approached well, you can be developing your ability to hold a single point of focus over a developing length of time, as well as holding deeper presence with that one point. As you move in deeper into awareness of and working in your Form, there are other ways to develop stillness.

Stillness develops from holding presence with a specific point of focus. In your form, there are many points that you can elect to hold and develop still presence with, thus generating that strength and stillness in your Form. The two points of Form that people most work with are The Central Heart Point and the Brow Chakra Point. Both have extraordinary conditions to expand with, and each of these points are great ways to begin developing Stillness in your Form.

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Here’s how to develop Stillness for yourself.

First I want to make the point that you can choose to use both the Heart and Brow points to develop Stillness with however, make sure you work with each point separately and at different times. You are structurally altering the condition of your Form, so it is good to worth with each aspect separately and definitely. Therefore you benefit from, for example, performing your Stillness practice with your Heart in the morning, and your Brow in the afternoon, or alternating days with Heart one day and Brow the other.

I will use the example of the Brow, simply because the resting place of your Point of Awareness sits behind the central point between your eyes.

In a place where you enjoy meditating or find peaceful, take your position (seated, standing, lotus position, what ever works for you).

  1. Slow your breathing right down, calm yourself and leave any activity, noise, disturbance far behind, just let it all go.
  2. Deep in the center of your head, your brain, your Brow Chakra, there is a single point of light. It is fine to imagine it, in order to align with it. Your imagination will take you there. Notice how, as you breathe in and breathe out, this beautiful star of light remains permanent, still, absolute, eternal and most wonderfully, infinite. Do not hold yourself separate from it, because it is You, the sacred truth of all that you are. You can gently, gradually merge yourself into the star. Receiving the Light and if you feel any resistance, any way in which something in your form is resistant to the Light, just stop and hold yourself there, allowing for the resistance to relax and let go. It will happen.
  3. Once you can feel the light right through you, so that you have fully accepted your own Light, return your attention to the light in your Brow, by this time, it may have become more full, bigger. You see it, then you let go of looking at it, and become one with it. You are now present with the Light in your Brow.
  4. Feel the Light, Hold your presence with it, and Breathe. It is important to breathe, other wise you are freezing your Form in different places that need to align with this point, in order to become still. If you stay with the Holding your presence with the Light, and breathing, then you are developing stillness.
  5. You may notice being distracted, bring yourself back to the Light. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others to do. Sometimes your alignment may be not as strong, but if you stay with the Light anyway, then you are changing the noise in your form back to Light. You are doing well.
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Over time, you will find that more of you, more of the condition of your Form, is calm, still, stable and strong. You will notice also that as you go about your day, you feel and emit the condition of Stillness. As you relate increasingly to the Still Condition, you will find that you are able to align with the Stillness in different ways – for example, if you are working creatively, the Stillness will Hold where perhaps there once was stress or other distortion. You may also find that you become aware of conditions of distortion such as stress, anxiety, depression or misery, and you can continue your practice of developing the Stillness condition in the place of the discomfort. Stillness does erase the Distorted resonances in your Form.

The information in this article is enough to take you deeply into Stillness Development. I hold that you are experiencing the transition into Stillness as you continue on your journey Home to Freedom.

Daniella Breen

Living as Fire

As you are moving through your life, following your passions, and training for what you love, you are taught rules, guidelines, ‘ways’, and as you get going, those boundaries can be helpful. As you move beyond the training and development stage, you move beyond the rigidity of rules and into flow. You still have Form, but not necessarily what has become the Form of many, instead, you develop your own Form. In Light, that Form is Home.

In recent times, I’ve been observing distortion in this Form. Those whose need for Rules, drive them to criticise the creative flow of others. Those whose creative flow is distorted and crosses lines so they become an abuser of others. There is no fault here, this is distortion, recognising it in yourself and others is a powerful condition of moving out of distortion.

The choice however, is to keep Dancing in the Fire – that is, dancing your way and not allowing others, attempting to hold authority over you, pushing into your space, to make you shrink back in any way – even if only in your Form. If they are pushing into you, you push back and reclaim your space in your own form. Living as Fire means Living Freely. You may need to repeatedly Hold Your Form beyond where others try to push you down, however, as long as you are Holding Your Form as Your Flame and are Freely dancing, those who try to over rule you in your own space, will leave or learn.

In Light You Will Prevail, In Fire You Will Dance!

Daniella Breen.

Into Winter We Go!

Okay, yes, I know, so many of you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, where it is getting warmer, but for those of us ‘down under’, it is getting chilly. My joy in this time of year is that I find it wonderful for creativity. I warm the place up, I make cups of tea and coffee throughout the day, I sit on the floor or lean over the coffee table and I write, draw, design and work my happy self away generating expressions of myself, training and consciousness sharing and I bring it all to you. So this Winter, feels like a big creative time.

Of course, no matter what time of the year, no matter the season, please, set up your creative places and go to it! It is right now that you can bring forward the Beauty and Truth of Light to us all.

In Light, Daniella

Earth’s New Stage is Wonderfully Transformative

Following the prior video that I shared Watch Here, where I outlined the new phase of the Earth/Human journey Home, I received feedback from those feeling disappointed about a new stage where seemingly nothing much was changing for them – of course, that is not the case, however, I do understand why it would seem that way.

I have now made the next video, where I talk about how the Maldek Docking stage impacts us all and why it is not just important but genuinely helping our condition on this journey Home. This impacts you. Things are getting better. Learn how. In Light, Daniella

Do You Self Isolate When Overwhelmed

If the answer is ‘yes’, you are definitely not alone. When you are Overwhelmed, you are essentially receiving so much Form or Consciousness Flow in your ‘Instream’, that it temporarily blows out your Chakras. This is not a big deal, but it can be uncomfortable. It can even become stuck in your Chakra system or other Form Systems (meridian, physical, auric for example) that it requires attention and work to clear it all out. So you will be in a condition of either Slow Moving and Uncomfortable or Stuck and Developing A Congested Traffic Jam. Either way, you’re dealing with something that requires attention and management.

Isolating, taking the time and space required to Hold your presence with the overwhelm makes perfect sense. Whether you are working in Concepts (information you’ve received), Form (energy) or both, it is important to take the time to separate the information into pieces, and digest or clear as you require.

Taking time to yourself, gives you time to breathe. It puts the brakes on other/more information pouring in. It stops everything and gives you time to be still – so that you can get your bearings and listen, look and feel what is actually going on for you.

It is here that you can apply your methods and tools for managing Overwhelm conditions. Do you need to do some Form clearing and processing? Feeling where those heavy lumps inside are and releasing them, helping them to move out of your Form – is such a relief.

Have you been slammed? Have you been emotionally or mentally or otherwise ‘hit’ with some painful information? This is the time to write it down, sort it through and decide what to take on, what to let go of and even what to return to the ‘giver’. Sometimes when you are given some unwelcome or overwhelming information, you are also told how to handle it. This is where (if you haven’t already done so), you can figure out what is useful and what is unhelpful information and advice. In being alone, you get to shut down the external voices and listen to your own Inner Mind.

Whatever the case, Self Isolation is an extremely useful tool to use when overwhelmed. Make sure that you have some definitions around Overwhelm and Self Isolation for yourself. This way you become clearer in what you need to do to look after yourself and manage conditions you are dealing with. Self Isolation is a very practical Self Management Tool and it shows your strength that you use it.

In Light, Daniella

Ten Lightworker Ways to Shift From Stressed to Calm

There many articles out there providing ideas for destressing. The difference with this article is that it focuses more deeply on the advanced Lightworker knowledge. So here are ten Lightworker Ways to shift from Stressed to Calm.

One: Break the rhythm.

Stop what you are doing, breathe, notice as you step out of the intense flow that you were in, that the stress rhythm is now outside of you. Give as much Form to the rhythm as you can (try to see, feel, get the shape of the Form and then Clear that Form of that stress rhythm until it is gone.

Two: Altar and Nature Time

Spend time at your altar or somewhere that you like to meditate. By simply sitting in that place, it can help you shift back into your Home Condition. This includes going into nature and holding presence in nature for some time. Breathing, being aware of your Form and allowing your Form to absorb and Be with nature is ideal.

Three: Clear your Form of Distortion

Pay attention to where in your Form including your physical form, you are feeling those uncomfortable sensations. See those sensations as Form (put a shape, colour, sound to them). Now Clear that form.

Four: Shake it Off

Get up and move; dance to some great music; do some yoga; exercise; get into your body by moving.

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Five: Dial a Friend

Chatting with a friend, or even heading out and grabbing a coffee or have a meal together can really change gears and shut down the Distortion noise that your Form is running on.

Six: Creativity

Music, drawing, toning, dance, clay work, and more, when you immerse yourself in creativity, then it can really create a shift out of distortion and into the condition of Home.

Seven: Love Making

Yes, if you are with someone you love and who loves you, sex can entirely shift you out of distortion and into the Home presence of Now.

Eight: Spinning Form

If you are able, turn your attention to your Form (another method). Notice if you can feel any fractious or crazy spinning motions in or around you. Especially check you solar plexus chakra or other chakras. The attention on it can make it feel more intense, but stay with it. Now, using your focus, Hold that it calms right down. Stay with it, and you will feel it calm down and change to a peaceful stillness. Stay with that Hold until the discomfort has gone.

Nine: Bath or Shower

I am sure you know which you prefer, and how to set it up. Candles, bath salts and bubbles, easy music or even a recording of a rainstorm playing, the body gels and foams you love the scent of, etc. The point is that water is a wonderful breaker and shifter of condition. immersing yourself in water to shift your condition – well, it just works!

Ten: Group Time

– do you have a favourite Light group? A gathering of Like Minded Souls who meditate or perform sacred ritual or healing or other Presence Work together? Now is a great time to connect in – it can shift you right out of it. If you have recordings of Group sessions, it can really achieve the same result.

Even though this is a common topic for articles, these particular Practices of Shifting from Stress are much more Lightworker Oriented. In reading these means of Healing, you may also find that you expand into even more Calming and Supportive methods beyond what I have shared. I hope so!

If you have found this article useful, please comment below to let us know what you enjoyed. Also, if you have other helpful suggestions to add – please share them in the comments. After all, these are some Wild Times we are in – the more consciousness in Self Care, the Better!

In Light, Daniella Breen.

Maldek Recovery Youtube

Maldek Recovery

A long time ago, a beautiful and advanced planetary civilisation was blown apart in a violent war waged by other systems attempting to take ownership of the planet. The consequences in Form Distortion and deep trauma have been felt throughout our Universe. The Distorted conditions and consciousness were consequently brought to Earth for healing and recovery. This process is necessary and has had dire, temporary consequences here. This video talks about what is happening now, how it may be impacting you and what you can do about it.