This is a new venture, something I have been thinking about for a loooong time. It is a gathering for discussions and support for all those who work with me, hang out with me, are on the journey Home and would love more active community and presence in Light.

The community Gathering is Free and should run for about 1 hour each week. It is backed up on my Consciousness Call page on Facebook, meaning that if you are a part of the community, you can continue to share on the CC page.

We ask that you treat the Gathering Place with deep respect – it is Sacred Space and is upheld by myself (Daniella), just as is any place we come together in.

This is not a place for political and other debates.

You may find yourself ‘unloading’ your stress – as long as it’s respectful and kept to a minimum, we understand.

We will be discussing topics relevant to our journey Home, our Light and our Living Home. But our deepest intention with this Gathering is support, community and connection. There are those who don’t have the community they need due to limited time to gather, finances or other for reasons, we choose a Gathering Place for Everyone!

To participate, please sign up here – this gives me a place to collect names and email addresses – to send out invitations and contact details. I will be adding those names to the ‘Daniella’s Ezine’ and all relevant gathering information will be shared through the Ezine.

The Gathering Place takes place weekly on

  • Mondays Pacific Daylight Savings Time: 8pm;
  • Tuesdays Australian Eastern Standard Time, 1pm.

Sign up by subscribing in the form below.


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